Installing youtube-dl

The bot can use youtube-dl to download media files from several websites.

To allow the bot to use this functionality, please

  • visit this site latest releases with a browser
  • download there the “youtube-dl.exe”
  • copy it to the bot directory (next to the sinusbot.exe and the config.ini) and
  • restart the bot if necessary

The bot should detect the tool on start and commands like !yt !ytdl etc. should be available to you.

There is no need to edit the config.ini if you place the youtube-dl.exe file next to the sinusbot.exe.


If you receive an error, make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed.

Run the following commands but make sure to adjust the path to match your SinusBot installation:

  • sudo curl -L -o /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl
  • chmod a+rx /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl

Newer versions of the SinusBot should detect the presence of youtube-dl automatically - if it doesn't (it will report on startup to the console), make sure the path in the config.ini file is set properly, eg:

YoutubeDLPath = “/opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl”


Always make sure the version of youtube-dl is recent. You can upgrade it by running /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U (or whatever your path is) - given the user you run this with has write permissions

You should also try manually downloading something with youtube-dl via the command line before reporting a bug. You can do that with /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl <mediaurl>.

HTTP error 429: Too many requests

  • create/modify the file /etc/youtube-dl.conf
  • paste this inside the file: --force-ipv4
  • save and try again, the error should be fixed

Signature extraction failed

  • Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U

Download Failed

  • Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U

invalid character 'W' looking for beginning of value

  • That means that youtube-dl is throwing an errror. Try updating youtube-dl: /opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl -U