The bot can convert text to speech via different online services. To let your bot speak, you need to register with such a service and get a valid URL (link) that the bot can use to do the actual conversion.

Settings -> Instance Settings has got a field called TTS-Url where you can enter such a URL.

To make this actually work, you have to replace the parameter that contains the text to __TEXT and the locale (if that can be configured via the service) to __LOCALE.

If you are using the locale feature, please also provide the default locale in the appropriate field.

Afterwards click Save changes.

Hit Alt+S in the bot interface to run a test. If everything was successful, you should hear the bot saying what you entered after a short delay.

Given you have a tts provider that handed you an URL in the form of


you will have to replace the “Test” in the URL with __TEXT and that “en” with __LOCALE, so that it looks like


See the forums for a list of providers known to support this kind of URLs.