Since 0.9.15+, the SinusBot can also connect to Discord.

If your installation is older, you might not be able to select Discord as a backend. To solve this issue, the only way currently is to completely wipe your installation (⇒ delete the data-Folder). Caution: This will also remove all uploaded files.

The configuration is somewhat different to TeamSpeak but nevertheless pretty straight forward. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to this page
  • Create a new Application and give it a name
  • Click “Create bot user”
  • A new link named “token” will appear; once you click it, it will reveal the token that is needed for the SinusBot
  • Create a new instance in the SinusBot interface (Settings > Instances)
  • Select “Discord” as backend and enter your token
  • Head over to the instance settings after selecting the newly created instance
  • Click the 'Click here to allow the bot to join your server.' link and follow the instructions to invite the bot to your server
  • Back on the SinusBot interface, click the connect icon to let your bot connect
  • Select the channel (if you cannot directly select one, please refresh the page)

The bot should now be online in the chosen channel and you can use it as usual. Make sure to connect your Discord account to a bot account to be able to use the bot commands from within Discord.